our mission is more women in leadership positions through a private and community led professional network.
why we exist
we know the world will do better with more women leaders. it is an irrefutable fact. we will get there eventually, but we do not want to wait over 200 years.

we want to accelerate the process and one way to start it is to address the unique challenges emerging women leaders face along their professional journey.
we believe that when women have the opportunity to meaningfully engage with other women who are determined to shatter the glass ceiling, when women have access to a relevant network of supporters to navigate their growth path, when women are at their confident best from the inside out…a revolution will be underway.
what we are not
about male bashing
we need all genders to come together to make an equal world a reality. we are not alienating men, we are simply focusing on women.
meet the team
ragini das
anand sinha
swetha joseph nagpal
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aanchal mehta
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varun fatnani
rishika bhatia
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avani rajput
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harsh payal
disha brara
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pranav deshpande
aavanti chopra
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join our mission. we combine exceptional people, hard problems and a fun place to work. write to us on jobs@leap.club to explore exciting opportunities.
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