what is leap.club?

leap.club is a powerful, private network of rising women leaders. our mission is simple - more women in leadership positions. leap offers a membership that helps women leaders grow professionally through a host of professional benefits that combine stronger network, support, mental wellness, and learning.

who is leap.club for?

all women who want to grow professionally, create a stronger network and want to unlock their full potential through coaching, peer learning. work experience of our members range from 0 years to 25 years but the desire to grow is common.

what is the criteria to apply for the membership?

you have a deep desire to shatter the glass ceiling and are keen to support other women achieve professional growth. you are willing to commit and invest your time to leap.club.

how do i join leap.club?

membership is by application or invite only. you can join the waitlist on our website - leap.club. You can also write to us on hi@leap.club.

what happens after i join the waitlist?

we work through our waitlist and reach out to check if you are a fit. as part of the process you might have to answer some specific questions. if your application is accepted, we share the next steps and start the member onboarding process.

is there a membership fee?

yes. we charge a membership fee to make sure our members are serious about our platform. the fee also enables us to provide the best experience to you.

what benefits do members get?

please click here to know more.

who are leap members?

our members include entrepreneurs, corporate women, freelancers, professionals, teachers, chefs, women on a sabbatical, journalists, social workers. our members come from all industries, backgrounds and with different levels of work experience. you can read what they say about us here.

who are leap executive coaches and therapists?

we have handpicked the best executive coaches and wellness therapists who work with our members. please visit this page to know more about them.

can i get a free trial session with the coaches and/or therapists before i sign up?

due to high demand, we are unable to provide trial sessions. we’d love to have a conversation with you and share relevant information to help clarify your questions.

can a company nominate women employees for leap?

yes, many top companies already have. many members get their membership fee reimbursed.

what is the cancellation and refund policy?

we believe membership benefits compound over time and don't offer cancellation or refunds at this time.

what is the confidentiality policy?

we are committed to building a safe space for our members. all your information, experience or any related aspects are confidential. our coaches and therapists are bound by non-disclosure and confidentiality clauses.

how can i get in touch with you?

email: hi@leap.club