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network & community -
the pow(d)er room
talk candidly online
spark a discussion, start polls, share your updates, ask a question, cheer a member. you can post, comment and interact with other members. browse directories and profiles of other members to get to know them better.
superconnections -
your network is your biggest asset - don’t leave new opportunities to chance
you meet peers, investors, advisors, team members, co-founders and explore job opportunities, interview tips, business partnerships.
view profiles, set an agenda and send meeting requests to relevant members
set a time that works for you
build a powerful network that keeps growing
powerful stories emerge through superconnections.
exec coaching - your own personal coach
the board room
choose a topic that will help you grow, choose your coach and book 1:1 sessions at exclusive member rates
we have hosted 1000+ hours of coaching and have been rated 9.1 by our members. book 1,3,5,10 sessions, connect with your coach, pick time slots convenient to you - you decide everything. members book coaches to -
  • build their personal brand
  • negotiate a promotion/appraisal at current workplace
  • find their purpose
  • become a better leader
and many more relevant topics.
coaching is a superpower that will transform your professional journey. it’s been reserved for cxo’s and senior leadership.
not anymore.
mental wellness -
is ignored at the workplace and plays a big role in our professional growth
as a member, you can book 1:1 wellness sessions with your own highly trained and personal wellness coach. you can book 1,3,5,10 sessions at exclusive member rates.
academy -
intimate access to industry leaders and curated content
we share a calendar of events with you at the start of every month. we make sure you are always learning from the best.
we also curate the best content for you - articles, blogs, podcasts, ama’s and deliver them to you. we cut out all the noise so that you focus on what matters. foundation -
every member gives back
we encourage our members to help us groom future women leaders. we have many ongoing initiatives and projects where you can choose to participate.